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Sceny z moich ostatnich filmow

Zero One (2010) Cue: Wetware
*Nagroda dla filmu za najlepsza muzyke na Festiwalu Science- Fiction w Bostonie

Zero One (2010) Cue: Dismantled
*Nagroda dla filmu za najlepsza muzyke na Festiwalu Science- Fiction w Bostonie

For Rent (2011) Cue: The Key

Sceny ze znanych filmow z moim podkladem muzycznym

The Good, The Bad, and The Undead - Demo

Sleepless in Seattle Rescored Scene

Dallas/Fort Worth Tourism Video Rescored

Ostatnio skomponowane

Metropolitan Decay by Aaron Fryklund
Overheard on a radio station in City 17

Starlit Path by Aaron Fryklund

Overture from Dick Whittington by Aaron Fryklund
Overture to an original Panto for Theatre Britain of Plano, TX. Show ran December, 2011.

The Tide Turns by Aaron Fryklund
The final sunrise over the field of battle.

Boss Battle Music by Aaron Fryklund
Badass boss-battle-type theme.

Bleu Skies by Aaron Fryklund
This was a demo I did for a film about a goat.

Swift into the Mist by Aaron Fryklund
Piercing the shroud.

The Chase by Aaron Fryklund
Let the hunt begin.

Heart to Heart by Aaron Fryklund

Old Forest by Aaron Fryklund
Journey under the canopy.

The following tracks are from the film "Zero One"

Decompressing by Aaron Fryklund
Laid-back track. The main character has downloaded a mysterious program and time passes as it decompresses.

Wetware by Aaron Fryklund
From early exposition. Program activates and begins to communicate with the main character.

Main character and program discuss complex human issues.

Central human antagonist assaults main character and his friend, then shoots himself.

Main character dismantles the computer after the program has caused the events listed above.

All tracks copyright Aaron Fryklund 2012.